Why residential care can prove so beneficial for people living with dementia

Residential care can offers a huge range of benefits to people living with dementia so try not to let your worries about change, or understandable fear of the unknown, cloud your decision making. A loved one’s quality of life can be much improved in a specialised care home where expert care and support are on hand and new opportunities for companionship and social activity abound.

Let’s consider the many benefits a move to a care home can bring…

  1. Safety and Security
    Care homes have staff on duty 24 hours a day so you always have the reassurance of knowing support is at hand whenever needed. No more worries about whether your loved one is managing to keep warm, eat properly and remember to take medication on time – or worse still, whether they will wander and get lost, or be left stranded on their own if they have a fall or are taken ill. You can enjoy the peace of mind knowing help will always be available night and day in a comfortable, safe environment.
  2. Expert care
    Care home staff in homes that specialize in dementia care have a wealth of knowledge and skills that help them develop greater understanding of how those living with dementia see and understand their world. This understanding enables them to provide an environment that is both supportive and reassuring to help residents retain their sense of connection and purpose, and deliver the best quality care.
  3. Companionship
    Loneliness is a huge problem among older generations, and for people living with dementia the problem can be made worse if anxiety and loss of confidence lead them to becoming isolated and withdrawn. A lively care home environment provides your loved one with lots of opportunities to socialize easily, offering them companionship, renewed confidence and often, a new zest for life.
  4. Activities on hand to keep mind and body fit
    Improving quality of life is an important reason for making the move to residential care, and care homes offer a range of activities and therapies to provide both stimulation and enjoyment. So whether your loved one wants the opportunity to continue with existing hobbies or explore something new, there will be lots of opportunities to get involved in a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.
  5. Nutritious meals
    Getting the right nutrients is important at any stage of life, but particularly so for older people living with dementia. Mealtimes are a sociable occasion and can provide an enjoyable routine within the day. By taking into account individual dietary needs and preferences, care homes are able to provide delicious, wholesome meals and drinks at regular intervals so you can rest easy knowing your loved one will get all the nutrition they need.

Ambleside Care Home in Bexhill on Sea is the ideal place for people living with dementia to experience the best quality of life in their later years.

Ambleside is a dedicated dementia care home. We specialize in caring for people who have dementia and have invested heavily in training our staff to ensure they have an enhanced understanding of how those living with dementia see and understand their world.

Whatever the type of behaviour, we will likely have experienced it before and know how to deal with it in the best possible way. This wealth of practical experience, enables us to provide effective care and achieves a better quality of life for your loved one.

Contact us at Ambleside Care Home, Bexhill on Sea to see how we could help you and to find out more about our  dementia residential care or short term respite and day care.